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The Ironconde project is targeted to athletes of swimming, Cycling, athletics 5 km/10 km/half-marathon, Marathon and triathlon Sprint distance//Olympic Half-ironman and IM.
The Ironconde ™ project, aims to contribute to the development of sports skills of each athlete, through personalized assistance, a training plane and orientation with scientific support, depending on the availability and specifics of each athlete, being then amateur or professional athlete.

Ironconde Coaching will promote and organize workshops and periodic meetings, with elite athletes, aiming to give the athletes the Exchange/sharing of knowledge/experiences. Contributions to the athletic development.

The Ironconde ™ project is prepared to ensure full support for Portuguese and foreign athlete's in areas as:
› Trade and promote sports equipment;
› Personal Training plans;
› Custom training plans for swimming, cycling, athletics and Triathlon;
› Online Technical Support;
› Organization of sports events;
› Disclosure of sports events through our free biannual magazine.     


Fernando Carmo - Got a SLOT to Ironman Worldchampionship 2018
Luís Nunes - Got a SLOT to Ironman Worldchampionship 2018
Jorge Gaspar - 19º A.G Triathlon Challenge Lisbon Middle distance 2018 - 4h47
Paulo Renato - Got a SLOT to Ironman Worldchampionship 2018











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